Why us?

Our promise to you is:

  1. Fair, simple, efficient, precise, insightful and transparent audits that add value. Every single time.
  2. Integrity and independence: we take proactive measures to avoid any potential conflict of interest.
  3. Relevance: only highly-experienced auditors with pertinent and up-to-date subject matter expertise.
  4. Confidentiality: your data receives the level of protection it deserves.
  5. Adaptivity: norms and standards may be common to everyone, but we acknowledge that your needs and your particularities are unique.
  6. Exactitude and speed: auditors complete their report right after the on-site audit and before embarking on any other assignment.

The story of Aerodit and its people is a long and rich one, but we rather look forward than backward. What matters the most to us is the value we bring today and tomorrow, to you and to our industry.

The right distance to ensure fairness and clarity.

Except Aerodit, every other audit firm also performs consulting, training, implementation support and sometimes dozens of other services. Why not after all? Because customers encounter problems as soon as an audit firm has to audit its own work. This can happen and is known to happen anywhere and anytime. Sometimes by coincidence… sometimes not.

How does a company maintain an appropriate distance with the innumerable tiny details of daily operations without losing the ‘big picture’, or without becoming blind to the obvious? In that respect, nothing beats a fresh look from outside. We’re the first and the only non-governmental entity to really do something about it in a professional and ethical manner. Aerodit only performs audits and gap analyses in the aviation sector. At the conclusion of such assignments we may provide strategic guidance whenever needed to assist a company, but we don’t get involved in tactical guidance or implementation support of any kind in order to preserve our independence.

Aerodit is not in the auditing business serving people and corporations. We’re in the people business performing audits. We’re continually reminded of the powerful need and desire for tactful, human and respectful interactions, which is an all-time driving force in determining customer choices. Therefore our human-centred approach is as important as the audit itself, not a low priority item.

What is the typical profile of an Aerodit auditor? In a nutshell…

  • At the very least 20 years of professional experience in aviation and 10 years of auditing;
  • A fully-trained auditor continually improving his/her skills and acquiring new ones;
  • People skills and mindfulness to be able to blend in any culture or organisation;
  • At least bilingual, generally trilingual;
  • A genuine passion for aviation and an unlimited curiosity for everything else;
  • The ability to promptly obtain both the big picture and the fine-grain details of an organisation;
  • Discernment and active listening skills when taking customer-oriented decisions.